Bathroom Flooring Options Other Than Tile

Bathroom Flooring Options Other Than Tile. As unassuming as it appears, a bathroom is a stage set for disaster. Like vinyl, it is waterproof and is fairly inexpensive.

What is the best material for your bath flooring? Rose from

Like stone, porcelain tile can achieve a rich, textured, solid feeling. Limestone, travertine and marble tiles are beautiful choices for bathroom floors that will last for decades. Porcelain and ceramic are the most popular bathroom floor tile.

Glass Tile Is Probably The Newest Alternative To Standard Home Improvement Tile.

These are on the expensive side but porcelain tiles are more durable than other clay tiles like ceramic tiles, therefore, less likely to chip and are better suited to heavy usage areas such as bathroom floors. You’re in the right place. Black hexagon tiles with a dark grout will give your bathroom floor tile a uniform look.

If You Prefer A Consistent Look Instead, Use The Same Material For Your Shower Floor As You Did For The Rest Of Your Bathroom Floor.

Waxing it every now and then will give it a shiny look. Combine the look of leather with the ease of washing rubber in this alternative to bathroom tiles. It comes in different colors and designs, which will make your bathroom look good without spending more money on expensive ceramic tile and natural stone.

Waterproof Bathroom Floors Are Quick And Easy To Clean.

A part of the ceramic tile family, porcelain takes waterproof flooring up a notch. As unassuming as it appears, a bathroom is a stage set for disaster. One of the most popular flooring options for bathrooms is ceramic tile.

Grout Seals The Seams From Moisture;

Made from sheets of acrylic that have been reinforced with the addition of glass fibers, these shower panels are seamless. In addition, there is no chance of mold growing behind the panels. Rubber flooring for bathrooms offers characteristics which other flooring types cannot.

Conventional Wall Coverings Like Wallpaper Will Be Destroyed By This Moisture, Leaving The Bathroom Looking A Mess.

Natural stone and terrazzo tiles. Glass tile is versatile because it can be used on bathroom floors,. Another beautiful option is white tile.

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