Cement Floor Covering Ideas

Cement Floor Covering Ideas. Linoleum offers you another great option for covering your concrete surfaces. Another option for basement or garage floors is to acid stain the concrete.

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Then repaint the floor with the light base coat and continue as above. Porcelain tile flooring pros include: On the other hand, rubber tiles will cost you $3 to $8 per square foot.

Consider Covering Your Balcony Flooring In Grass Or Bamboo Mats.

First, do a little homework and find a latex floor paint that performs well in high humidity and cool temperatures, then use a roller to apply at least two coats to a clean concrete floor. A stamped overlay was used to cover this concrete floor and make it look like wood. First, use a black or dark gray base coat, and then put down narrow tape on dry paint to be the grout lines.

They’re Available In Various Styles And Colors, So You Can Pick The Look That Will Work Best For Your Home.

Screen printed art paper flooring. Covering concrete flooring with carpet provides a softer surface for family rooms and playrooms for the kids. Cold, concrete floors that are cracked, dinged, and stained?

If The Concrete Or Concrete Block Is Too Smooth, Drive Some Concrete Nails In So The Cement Has Something To Grab.

Just be sure that if you get natural bamboo or grass, you don’t let them sit in water after a rain storm. If you want to cover your concrete floors with interlocking tiles, you could get foam tiles for as low as $0.75 to $1.65 per square foot. Well, those were the basement floors of yesteryear.

Opt For A Super Large Rug That Stretches From Wall To Wall To Cover Up The Concrete Floors Entirely.

Of course, one of the best things. For starters, it is the most affordable option. Place accent rugs in areas where you will do the most standing, walking, or kneeling.

Linoleum Offers You Another Great Option For Covering Your Concrete Surfaces.

You can also make a stamp from a large sponge and stamp the floor,. Ft.) installing a tile floor in all or part of your basement lets you have some fun with design, while still quickly covering up existing concrete floors. These mats are a great, inexpensive option for someone who’d like to create a peaceful space to retreat to after the stress of a long day.

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