Cool Ways To Display Vinyl Records

Cool Ways To Display Vinyl Records. This floor standing retail record display is designed for quick access and optimal display of vinyl record albums. Repeat with the rest of your records until you’ve completed your layout.

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Record frames are the most popular option for displaying vinyl. These vinyl album frames let lps slide in and out smoothly for easy access to favorites. The easy release tabs keep vinyl quickly within reach, so records can travel from wall to turntable in seconds.

You Can Keep It On Your Table To Make Sure You Don’t Lose The Things You Use Most During The Day.

These are our favorite vinyl storage and vinyl display options that run the gamut based on price, construction, and storage capacity. It’s a fun way to show off the record you’re currently playing. Excellent idea where and how to keep your magazines.

This Floor Standing Retail Record Display Is Designed For Quick Access And Optimal Display Of Vinyl Record Albums.

Solid walnut shelves store and display your vinyl records. Cut 2 2 inches (5.1 cm) strips of tape and stick them on the back of a record. Peel off the tape backing and press the record firmly against the wall to attach it permanently.

A Great Display For Record Collections, Video Games And More.

Show off your albums in style and easily rotate your collection. Here are 4 unique ways to display vinyl records. The easy release tabs keep vinyl quickly within reach, so records can travel from wall to turntable in seconds.

Record Frames Are The Most Popular Option For Displaying Vinyl.

Instead, use one of our ideas to turn your records into the ultimate visual statement about you. Easy access to play vinyl in seconds. Closest thing to a record store i've seen.

Make A Real Statement Of Your Vinyl Collection By Adding Shelves Above The Console To Display The Records With The Coolest Covers.

Decorate your wall with something other than pictures. If you like to use your records as well as display them as art then play and display frames from art vinyl available on amazon (affiliate link) (above) are a great option. The vinyl cabinet featured by kilscrow lets you display your records while also keeping them nice and safe in drawers.

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