How To Make A Hearth Pad

How To Make A Hearth Pad. Just pour it over the wood stove hearth pad and make sure it is completely covered by the concrete. The same thing goes for sitting on the hearth, if you’re shorter, choose a lower hearth height.

Can i use wood studs to build frame for hearth pad from

Ours needed to be 54 by 48 inches. I selected some rectangular, black, slate tile in the 4″ by 12″ size. Once everything is screwed and in place, its time to mix the mortar and put them on the hardiebacker and set the tiles.

Can You Make A Hearth Pad?

This pad must be fire resistant and able to withstand the weight of the stove. Cover the molding carefully to the very top edge with blue painter's tape. If you want to make your hearth pad even more durable, then consider adding a layer of concrete.

I Chose A Herringbone Pattern, Which Is Perfect For Beginners Who Have Never Done Tile Before.

If the existing hearth pad is concrete, apply a skim coat of mortar to it to even out any high or low spots. I added a second layer of backer board, cut ½ shorter on three sides, on top. Screw into the plywood (note:

Determine The Size Of The Pad.

Then measure and cut your trim to fit the outside of the pad. Don’t worry, this step will not be very difficult if you follow our instructions carefully. Grout the tile according to the package directions.

Add An Additional Furring Strip Down The Middle Back Of The Plywood.

It must be covered with an approved noncombustible material; If you have a wooden fireplace then you. You should also attach the backer board to the subfloor with backer board screws.

How Do You Tile A Hearth Pad?

The plywood serves as the backing for the backer board. The most common hearth heights are from 12” to 18”. Nail the hardiebacker cement board to the frame.

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