About Montenegro

Area:  13.812 km2

Population: 620 000

Length of borders: 614 km

Capital: Podgorica (186 000 inhabitants] - administrative and economic centre

Royal capital: Cetinje - historical and cultural centre

Currency: Euro

Length of the sea coast: 293 km 

Number of beaches: 117

Length of beaches: 52 km

Longest beach: Velika plaza (Ulcinj) - 13 km 

Highest mountain peaks: Maja Rosit (Prokletije) 2524 m, Zla Kolata (Prokletije) 2534m n.v.; Dobra Kolata (Prokletije) 2528m v.n.; Bobotov Kuk (Durmitor) 2523 m v.n.

Largest Lake: Skadar Lake (391 m2)

Deepest canyon: Tara (1.300 m)

National parks: Durmitor, Biogradska gora, Skadarsko jezero, Lovćen, Prokletije

Largest bay: the Bay of Kotor

Climate: Continental-Mediterranean 

Maximum sea temperature: 27.1 º C

Average number of sunny days during the year: 240

Swimming season: 180 days

Average air temperature: 21,7°C (September)

Time zone: GTM + 1


Montenegro is located between 41 ° 52, - 43°  42, north latitude and 18°26, - 20 ° 22, east  longitudes and belongs to the central Mediterranean that is Southern Europe.


Tourist information
For further information on Montenegro please refer to the following link: www.montenegro.travel


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