Slate Tile Over Brick Fireplace

Slate Tile Over Brick Fireplace. My plan was to put the stacked slate on the wall of the fireplace and regular slate tiles on the base (both top and bottom). Create a template or outline on a wood board or table with painter's tape.

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The bricks are pretty uneven as well. Craig used a metal tile edge to give the tile a clean look and hide the cut edges of tile. Spread mortar evenly at 45 degree angle across the back of the tile and place them over the bricks, twist a little to place the tile well to the brick surface.

My First Project Is To Put Stacked Slate Over Our Existing Brick Fireplace.

Craig used a metal tile edge to give the tile a clean look and hide the cut edges of tile. Remove any trim around the fireplace surround and the mantel, if there is one. In order to make the faux slate more convincing, i used a sliver cut from a makeup sponge to apply light grey paint to these edges with a dabbing motion.

After Tackling My Fireplace Demolition And Removing Lots Of Ugly Peach Marble Tile, I Unearthed The Original Brick Fireplace From 1946.

You can cut thin strips of slate and mortar them in. Best of all, you can do this without ripping out the existing brick. Porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble and natural stone like travertine, limestone and slate.

How To Be Able To Slate Tiles Over Brick Fireplaces.

Another option is to install stone veneer directly over the brick. In addition, item for the groomsmen fold just two on the panels to tend your fire. The fireplace is currently painted.

We Also Decided To Mortar In A Piece Of Concrete Board Onto The Existing, Unlevel Concrete In Order To Have A Clean, Smooth Surface To Lay The Tile.

There are a multitude of tile materials that work well as fireplace surrounds: Apply a skim coat of thinset evenly over the brick using a straight finishing trowel and let it dry 24 hours. Take measurements around fireplace where new stone is desired.

Cover The Hearth With A Drop Cloth And Remove The Mantel And Anything Else That’s Attached To The Brick.

Wash off the surface of the tiles with a damp. How to tile a fireplace hearth. The mortar should key into the brick so that lath isn't needed to hold it in place.

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