Standard Shower Curtain Lengths

Standard Shower Curtain Lengths. Shower curtains are unique in the sense that they come in more than one standard size. The curtains are 24 and 36 inches in length.

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However, like most theories, don't trust those figures blindly because designer curtains can be. These sizes are based on what fits most standard tubs and shower designs. The curtains are 24 and 36 inches in length.

You Can Also Find Shower Curtains That Deviate From The Standard Width Of 70 Or 72 Inches.

As a result, the normal length of a shower curtain is often shorter than the actual measurement. So we will now look at the standard shower curtain sizes based on. Usually, curtains are available in the following lengths:

These Sizes Are Based On What Fits Most Standard Tubs And Shower Designs.

But some options can extend up to 84 inches long. A standard shower curtain size guide ing ready made curtains length for your bedroom choosing the right type of side trailers dimensions and sizes malaysia pole measurement poles The standard size of a shower curtain is 72 inches long (high) and wide.

Standard Shower Curtain Rod Lengths

There are some extra long shower curtains on the market that comein lengths of 84 inches, or 96 inches. The two types of curtains are not interchangeable, so keep shower curtains in the shower. Extra long shower liners can measure 144″ by 72″, which provide more material to keep water from going where its not wanted.

X 96 Inches) For Bathrooms With High Ceilings.

The standard shower curtain height is around 72 inches. When you buy them in stores or online, there are two standard lengths: There are three principal standard shower curtain sizes for the standard shower and tub designs.

The Extra 12 Or So Inches Are Specifically Designed For Appearances And Practical Reasons Such As Securing Enough Fold When The Curtains Are Pulled Shut.

Which one fits your shower? The recommended width of a shower curtain is the width of your shower plus 12 inches. If you have a taller shower, though, you can find specialty sizing options to fit your setup.

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