Average Shower Curtain Length

Average Shower Curtain Length. As a result, the normal length of a shower curtain is often shorter than the actual measurement. They are what the seller usually called specialty curtains.

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They are what the seller usually called specialty curtains. 78 inches for shower stalls. If there are rings on the rod, you have to measure the space from them to the bottom.

However, Many People Deviate From This For Reasons Such As Aesthetic, Preferring The Look Of The Curtain Touching The Floor.

Most tubs and showers are about 60 inches wide. This design incorporates an extra 12 inches of width to ensure a full appearance and generous folds when pulled shut. What size shower curtain do you need?

As Aforementioned, The Ideal Length Of Most Shower Curtains Is 72 Inches But You Can Get A Longer Size Depending On What You Want.

The standard shower curtain is 72 inches (183 cm) long, and when it is linked to shower hooks, it usually gains another two inches (five cm). The standard size of a shower curtain is 72 inches long (high) and wide. If you have a small shower, you will likely need a narrower curtain that is around 40 inches in width and 72 inches in length.

You Can Also Find Shower Curtains That Deviate From The Standard Width Of 70 Or 72 Inches.

So we will now look at the standard shower curtain sizes based on. What is the correct length of a shower curtain? To help the curtain produce its traditional wavy shape, there will.

If There Are Rings On The Rod, You Have To Measure The Space From Them To The Bottom.

Beyond these, you’ll also find specialty sizes, such as curtains for extra tall showers (70 x 84 inches or 72 x 84 inches), extra wide showers (144 x 72 inches), and shower stalls (54 x 78 inches). Without a doubt, there is a standard shower curtain size. Typically, a shower curtain length from the rod to its edge is 72 inches.

After Calculating The Width, You Have To Determine The Height Of A Shower Curtain.

Where can i buy a shower curtain. What is average size of shower curtain? But some are longer than this.

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