How To Store Firewood Outside

How To Store Firewood Outside. The goal is to ensure that the bottom row of your firewood isn’t too moist and therefore doesn’t rot. Besides, it's less likely to age well in the house where there's less airflow to dry it.

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Storing wood outside means you need to take steps to keep it safe from the elements. How to store firewood outside and keep it dry. Large temperature fluctuations caused by the lack of climate control and the opening of garage doors will cause condensation, which can introduce moisture to your wood.

The Final Challenge Of Storing Wood Is Keeping It Dry.

Never stack firewood more than 4 feet high for safety; It should be stored neatly, with the outside of the wood exposed to the air. A box works really well as a staging point.

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Avoid tree cover if possible and don’t leave the logs in a heap. Tips to properly drying and storing firewood outdoors. The following are tips for storing firewood when there is no wood shed:

Reducing Chimney Fire Risk With Properly Stored And Seasoned Firewood

The goal is to ensure that the bottom row of your firewood isn’t too moist and therefore doesn’t rot. Choose a dry, breezy area of your property Overall, firewood should be kept on an elevated rack that is covered yet slightly ventilated to allow airflow.

How To Store Firewood Outside.

You can either store it in a shed or on its own, by leaving a tarp on top of the stack. A firewood box is a great place to store your dry firewood after you bring it closer to your house and prepare to load your wood stove. Storing firewood in your garage is worse for the wood and can attract unwanted pests.

Store Your Firewood In A Dry And Shady Area.

This is the biggest thing you need to know about stacking your firewood properly so that you keep it dry all year. If possible, you should place the wood on top of plastic sheeting or in a wooden log store. • keep the firewood off the ground by at least a few inches, which can be achieved using 4 x 4 runners.

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